Welcome to Rock and Metal Boutique! 

Many of the items I make are formed using hand tools from my small workshop. I do not use software processing techniques and therefore you may find slight imperfections within pieces as a result of the hand made process.

I do use some preformed components such as findings, beads, charms & details in my work and patterned metals which I buy in from trusted, quality suppliers.

Most items I make are individual items, 'one of a kind', so if you have it, no one else does! I reserve the right to re-create any of my designs at any time, in any number.

I only work with precious metals and I occasionally use gold filled metal. I use stones classed as precious or semi-precious gemstones including (freshwater/cultured) pearls. Most stones available today will have gone through some kind of treatment process. Where possible I will indicate the stones origin and any treatment if known, or if the stone is entirely natural.


I use several fabulous trusted, companies from whom I buy my materials from. I have received great quality and service from these companies over a number of years. To the best of my knowledge the stones I use are authentic. I also take a keen interest in the ethical statements from suppliers and I use and try to buy as environmentally and ethically friendly as possible. I am keen to work with and support UK based companies and artisan small businesses.

Caring for jewellery after purchase

Please take care of your handcrafted jewellery. Handcrafted jewellery requires thoughtful wear and use, because it is formed and put together using hand tools and small pieces of equipment and is not manufactured by machinery.

Some jewellery pieces are put together using split (jump) rings. This is a normal industry wide process. Care must be taken not to yank or pull too hard on pieces such as chains and bracelets as this could cause the split rings to weaken or come apart.


If a bracelet has a clasp, please do use it and please do not force the bracelet over your hand onto your wrist.


Most gemstones bought today will have gone through some kind of treatment process, but are still natural items and may not always be perfect and exactly the same size or colour, but every effort is made to ensure quality and a super match where necessary.

Please do not place stones, opals and pearls in any types of cleaning fluid. An occasional splash or rinse with soap & water should not do any harm, but do not submerge stones, opals and pearls in water for long lengths of time. Ensure you dry stones, opals and pearls well with a clean, very soft cloth. Where stones, opals and pearls are present clean jewellery items with a very soft damp, almost dry cloth.


Chlorine (bleach) will severely tarnish gold and silver and will certainly damage some gemstones in particular opals and pearls. Avoid Chlorine coming into contact with your jewellery.


All silver will tarnish overtime, to keep it bright use a silver polishing cloth to buff occasionally.


Do not polish gold plated or gold fill items as it will ruin the gold finish.


Always put your jewellery on last when going out. Avoid toiletries, creams, sprays and perfumes.  Always remove jewellery before gym or swimming, showering and sleeping or manual work such as gardening and cleaning.


Store your jewellery in either the box or pouch supplied, or a jewellery box. Pearls and opals should be stored separately as they can be easily scratched by other pieces of jewellery.

Where items are handmade you may occasionally find very slight imperfections due to the hand forming processes.


Although jewellery is made from metal and stones it is not indestructible, but take care of it well, respect it, having come from the earth and it will reward you with years of wear and hopefully happy, lovely memories.

Love your jewellery! 


Unfortunately earrings and items for pierced body parts cannot be returned or refunded for hygiene purposes.


Rock and Metal Boutique jewellery is not suitable for children due to small parts.

Metal Information

Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925/Vermeil

Items described as vermeil are made from gold plated sterling silver. The UK Assay Office states, "a gold fineness description is allowed if the article is described as silver and immediately followed by the words ‘gold plated'".  Gold plated items will be hallmarked as sterling silver when they exceed the exemption weight.

Do not polish or use jewellery cleaning products on gold plated/vermeil items, as it will ruin the gold finish. If you need to clean, rinse with water and use a soft cloth to dry thoroughly.

Gold Filled 

Gold Filled metal is a solid layer of gold permanently bonded to a base metal, often brass.  The layer of gold must equal at least 1/20th of the item. Gold filled has become an extremely popular economical alternative to solid gold as it is extremely hard wearing, doesn't tarnish or deteriorate like plated jewellery. If well cared for gold filled jewellery should last for years.  Gold filled metal items cannot be hallmarked in the UK.

Do not polish or use jewellery cleaning products on gold filled items, as it will ruin the gold finish. If you need to clean rinse with water and use a soft cloth to dry throughly. 

Fine Silver or Pure Silver 999

Fine silver is soft in its purest form. I like to use fine silver and silver metal clay (which when fired results in fine silver which can be hallmarked) in my work owing to its bright, white shine. 

Argentium Silver 

Argentium silver is a modification of the traditional sterling silver alloy as some of the copper is replaced with metalloid germanium creating a stronger, brighter and more versatile precious metal.


I am registered with the London Assay Office. Within the UK it is law that jewellery made from gold and silver and other metals must be hallmarked for legal sales when the weight is more than 7.78 grams for silver and 1 gram for gold, items weighing below these weights are exempt. You can visit the London Assay Office for further details by visiting www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk and please refer to the Goldsmiths Dealers Notice displayed below. My jewellery will be hallmarked according to the law where items exceed the exemption weight. I do not hallmark all exempt items due to the cost.


I hope that you will be very pleased with your piece of jewellery from Rock and Metal Boutique. If for any reason you are not happy with your item or the service you have received, please contact me as soon as possible and I will endeavour to resolve the problem.

Privacy & Security

I will never share your information with other companies and will not bombard you with junk mail. I do not keep a mailing list.  I will advertise Rock and Metal Boutique on social media platforms such as Instagram. Here you can follow me if you wish to do so, for news, discounts, new designs and collections and to see which craft fairs I will be selling at. Follow me @RockandMetalBoutique 

Our Rights

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