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Just a little bit about Rock and Metal Boutique!

Paula Morris GIA AJP, DipSBA

I just love everything jewellery! I have been making jewellery using hand tools and traditional silversmithing techniques for several years now in my spare time, from my small home workshop and this craft has become a huge passion for me. I started out at 'making silver jewellery & silversmithing' evening classes. I am a student with a fabulous online jewellery academy where I continue to learn professional skills. 

I am obsessed with coloured stones and beads and have completed the Applied Jewellery Professional Diploma with the Gemological Institute of America in an effort to become more knowledgeable about the stones and beads used in my work


I work mainly with precious metals and gemstones and many of the items I make are 'one off' bespoke pieces, so if you have it no one else does! 

Making really pretty jewellery for people is a great pleasure and it's fantastic when someone comes to me and says 'Paula can you make me......'


 Jewellery should last forever, a keepsake, a token of love and memories, to be re-discovered in times ahead which I why I choose to mainly use only precious metals and stones.

Having drawn and painted since I was a small child, I achieved in art at school and went on and studied botanical painting with the Society of Botanical Artists achieving a Diploma in Botanical Painting. This wonderful craft, which I also continue to enjoy, has given me the basis for recognising the attention to detail and patience making jewellery requires.

Rock and Metal Boutique style is bohemian influenced, although I very much follow the rules, I do like to do things my own way! My designs are full of colour and I encourage people to mix colours and layer items to compliment your style with that boho-chic look.

Avoiding a little of the mainstream, here you may find something a little bit different or unusual with personal touch and an eye for detail. 

Please get in touch if you have any queries or questions.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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